The power of web based colaboration

Our tasks come from many sources: meeting minutes, projects, customers, emails, daily work, and more. Now we can manage everything centrally and online, without any frictional losses. Task-Base has convinced us.

Markus Schmidt, CEO - web-creative - web-creative.org





The advantage of Task-Base for our administration lies in the fact that we can generate tasks directly from the meeting minutes without capturing them again. Assigning and managing tasks is easy and clear.

Dr. Daniel Huber, Head of Department of Food Inspection Principality of Liechtenstein – www.llv.li

Make meetings more efficient

We convene in meetings to bring things forward, but how do you ensure that the actions follow the words? How do you implement each decision? And how do you involve absentee or remotely working team members?

With the Task-Base Meeting Manager you:

  • Organize and structure meetings with a few clicks
  • Convert decisions to concrete "To-Dos"
  • Generate tasks and decisions directly from meeting minutes
  • Retrieve the status of tasks from former meetings at a click
  • Define tasks during the meeting and distribute them immediately
  • Send tasks, decisions, and meeting minutes to absentee or remote working team members, external partners, and customers
  • View responsibilities and decisions at any time


In Task-Base, we particularly appreciate that we can assign and manage tasks much faster. It is at all times clear who has yet to do which tasks and what we have already processed. This clarity provides us with enormous time savings, not only when we assign tasks to colleagues, but especially in managing our own to-do list. The ability to attach documents and files directly to the tasks simplifies the transmitting and processing. All in all, Task-Base saved us a lot of time.

Grit Scheffczyk - therapeutenfinder.com

Systematic workflow

Who does what, and when, is almost always the key issue. But how do you ensure that tasks are actually tackled systematically? Who is checking to make sure everything is done on time? How do you track a task’s processes afterwards? How do you collect and retrieve task-relevant feedback, emails, and documents? Task-Base helps you tackle tasks systematically and start a dynamic workflow, keeping track of them at any time.

With the Task-Base Tasks Manager you:

  • Define To-Dos clearly and assign them at a click
  • Define responsibilities clearly
  • Check the progress of a task at any time
  • Meet deadlines better using alert and control functions
  • Involve remote working team members and externals equally
  • Archive task-related reports, documents, and e-mails so that all those entitled can access them any time
  • Search tasks quick-and-easily
  • Create task lists and reports at a click in PDF, Word, or Excel
  • Strengthen sense of responsibility and team spirit
  • Increase efficiency and workflow

With Task-Manager you assign tasks, edit, and track them regardless of their origin, whether daily work, emails, projects, or meeting minutes. Everything is in one place! Each assignee sees all his tasks in his folder, titled "My Tasks". Each task maker has a clear overview of the assigned tasks in his folder, titled "From me".

A dashboard can be sent daily, listing tasks due today, tomorrow, or yesterday. The dashboard can be sent by email and viewed directly in the Task Base. Nothing will be missed.


Real-time progress tracking

Projects are an important part of our work. So that time and money do not run out, it is important to keep a close eye on and monitor your project in real-time. Time is money, they say. Sometimes for a small delay, your project gets out of hand. Take counter-measures in time.

With Project Manager you:

  • Structure your projects from the very beginning, also using Gantt
  • Use templates for recurring work processes
  • Define and adjust task processes
  • Set time limits and check compliance
  • Record exactly the time for each task, as well as the project as a whole
  • Monitor the timely execution of tasks
  • Check the cost of projects
  • Integrate remote working team members, external partners and customers
  • Provide all related documents and emails to the project team and archive them later on
  • Manage work processes with interactive Gantt charts online